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Your goal in What's It To Ya?, a.k.a. Oh, Really!, is to think like the crowd – or at least like your partner. Five item cards – such as "Hope", "Garbage Collectors", "Underwear", "Wisdom", and "Hearing" – are placed on the table next to letters A-E. Each player then secretly places rank cards in order based on which item is most important to her: "B" first since you don't want to live in filth, then "D" because being wise is next most important after a clean home, and so on.

Players then reveal their cards, showing all the cards in the first rank, then the second rank, and so on. Whichever letter appears the most in a position is the crowd favorite; those letters stay revealed, while all other letters are turned face-down again. Whichever player (or players) has the most cards revealed at the end of a round scores a point; if a player has all five cards revealed, she scores two points. Whoever scores seven points first wins.

What's It To Ya? can also be played in teams, with one player on a team trying to match the ranking of the other member. Scoring is handled the same as in the group game, and the first team to earn seven points wins.


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" What's It to Ya?"

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