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Match colors to build the hive, pick up flower cards, and steal other players' bees.


It's the annual spring moon, and the hive is abuzz with excitement. The Honeyscout Tournament is open, and every bee is preparing to battle it out for the top prize. As the Chief Honeyscout of your team, uncover locations of fields of flowers and get worker bees to swarm to treasure troves of nectar you have discovered. Get ready for the buzz of your life!


In HoneyScouts, you place hex tiles to match colors (essentially building the hive), and every time you match a color, you draft a card that gives the location of a flower, with the number indicating the distance between you (the bee) and the flower. When you match colors on the hive to create a complete hexagon of one color, you attract a bee to your swarm.


Why do the numbers on the cards matter? Because the game contains a trick-taking mechanism in which you can win bee battles and attract all the bees from an opponent, poaching them to your side. Special tiles and event cards can throw you off balance or be used to your advantage. In the end, the player who attracts the most bees wins.

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Honey Scouts