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Troll and Dragon, will you dare steal the Dragon's treasure?


Troll and Dragon is a push your luck game where players will try to collect as many gems as possible. Our little thiefs can decide to stay in the Troll's cave and collect some diamonds, easy peasy. Some might dare open the door that lead to the Dragon's room.


The Dragon's room is an amazing place, full of golden nuggets. Once you get there, the frenezy starts around the table. You can now throw the precious golden dice, roll them as much as you can to collect as many golden nuggets as possible. But beware, other players are rolling the dragon dice, trying to wake the legendary beast up to make you lose all treasures. Will you stop in time, who is the best and more discret thief around the table?


On your turn, roll the dice as many times as you want, as long as you have something to score. If you roll a key and a door, you can go to the Dragon's room. Once there, roll dice as much as you want but if your opponents roll 2 dragon faces on their dice, you will lose everything you gathered.

Troll and dragon is a frenetic and very fun game for the whole family to play!

Troll & Dragon

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