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Lay tiles to create increasingly-complicated paths


In passtally, you take turns placing tiles on the game board to create a line connecting your player markers. The more tiles the line passes through, and the higher those tiles are stacked, the more points you score!


Each player chooses a color, then players take turns placing a square of their color on an open spot of each side of the main board.

On your turn, take a total of two actions. For each action, you have two options:Lay a new tile – choose one of the three face-up tiles near the board and place it on the grid. You may layer tiles (and you should!), but if a tile is above the first layer, it must be resting on two other tiles.Move a marker – move one of your colored markers up to two spaces around the edge of the board. Skip spaces covered by other markers. After you’ve taken two actions, score your paths. You’ll score points for an unbroken path connecting two of your colored markers. Each tile the path “passes” through gets “tallied”. Every layer underneath a tile adds another “pass”. Add up the “passes” from both paths (you did create or maintain two paths, right?), and convert them to points.


The game ends when a player reaches 50 VP on the track (finish the round so all players have an equal number of turns), when one of the stacks of tiles is used up (finish the round), or when no tiles can be legally placed on the board (end the game immediately).


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