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Go Gecko Go! is the roll and move game that’s all about piling smaller animals on top of larger animals while keeping an eye on the height of the next bridge that needs to be cleared.

Every swimming team is comprised of a crocodile, a turtle, a frog, and a gecko - all meeples are different in size.

In order to advance their animals, players have the choice of two possibilities: either they add a tile to their stream in the river to shift all animals at the same time, or they roll three dice and then select a combination of icons from the result. The player has to keep in mind that bigger animals can give smaller ones piggyback rides. Also, animals that are piled too high will run into the bridges that span
the river and be knocked off - they can only passed with the shifting action.

The first player whose full animal team reaches the finish is the winner.

While at heart being a roll to move race, players will have to make lots of small strategic choices to be faster than their opponents.

Go Gecko Go!

  • This Board Game can be shipped all over India.


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