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Spiel Des Jahres

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Celebrating the World's Most Prestigious Board Game Award!

The Spiel Des Jahres (Game of the Year) is an annual award presented to outstanding board games that demonstrate excellence in gameplay, design, and accessibility. Since its inception in 1978, the award has become one of the most prestigious accolades in the board gaming industry, influencing game sales and popularity worldwide. In this blog post, we delve into the history of Spiel Des Jahres, explore its impact on the gaming community, and showcase some of the most notable winners throughout the years.

1. The Origins of Spiel Des Jahres:

- The birth of the award: Learn how the Spiel Des Jahres award was established by the German game association, "Spiel des Jahres e.V.," and how it has evolved over time.

- The selection process: Uncover the rigorous evaluation criteria used by the jury to select the winners each year.

- The significance of the award: Discuss the importance of winning the Spiel Des Jahres, including its impact on sales, game visibility, and recognition for game designers.

2. How Spiel Des Jahres Shaped the Gaming Landscape:

- Cultural influence: Analyze how the award has contributed to the growth of board gaming as a mainstream hobby and how it has impacted popular culture.

- International recognition: Explore how the Spiel Des Jahres has become a global symbol of excellence, leading to increased interest in European-style board games worldwide.

- Genre diversity: Discuss the variety of game genres that have been recognized by the award, from family-friendly titles to more complex strategy games.

3. Memorable Spiel Des Jahres Winners:

- Catan (1995): Discover how Klaus Teuber's "The Settlers of Catan" revolutionized modern board gaming and set new standards for strategy and negotiation games.

- Ticket to Ride (2004): Highlight the success of Alan R. Moon's railway-themed game, which introduced a simple yet engaging gameplay experience loved by players of all ages.

- Codenames (2016): Explore how Vlaada Chvátil's word-based party game became an instant classic, captivating players with its clever wordplay and social interaction.

4. The Impact on Game Design and Innovation:

- Accessibility and inclusivity: Discuss how Spiel Des Jahres winners often prioritize accessibility, allowing players of different ages and skill levels to enjoy the game.

- Innovation in gameplay mechanics: Analyze how the award encourages game designers to experiment with new mechanics and themes, pushing the boundaries of board gaming.

5. The Legacy of Spiel Des Jahres:

- Enduring influence: Examine the lasting impact of past winners on the gaming industry and why these games continue to be cherished by players even years after their initial release.

- The award's relevance today: Consider how the Spiel Des Jahres remains a relevant and vital part of the gaming community in the face of a constantly evolving industry.

The following games are the winners of Spiel Des Jahres for the past ten years.






MicroMacro: Crime City.




Just One








Colt Express


Camel Up




Kingdom Builder





The Spiel Des Jahres award stands as a testament to the creativity, innovation, and artistry within the board gaming world. Over the years, it has celebrated numerous exceptional games that have brought joy and entertainment to millions of players around the globe. As the award continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly inspire new generations of game designers to craft memorable experiences that enrich our lives and forge lasting connections with others around the tabletop.

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