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Imagine 7 cards each with a drawing of a different Traffic Cop. You see the front of some cops and others you just see their back (from the rear). Each card is unique because in addition to the cop, they each have a diffrent symbol on them, i.e. a Tree, a Stop Sign, etc. Now put them in a circle with their feet toward the inside of the circle. Further, you also have a deck of 21 Direction cards and each has a symbol (which corresponds to the ones on the Traffic Cop cards) and 3 directions on them, i.e. A Tree, 4 Rights, 3 Lefts, 2 Lefts. This Direction deck is placed face down in the center of the circle. Anyone flips a direction card and it all starts; start at the Traffic Cop that has the matching symbol, then move left and right as the card calls for, but remember you must move to the Traffic Cop's left or right. So depending on if they are facing forward or backwards, you go the appropriate direction. Whoever calls out the correct stopping place first, by symbol, wins the card. Good game similar to Ikarus.


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Right Turn, Left Turn

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