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Jishaku is a portable strategy game like chess or checkers that can be played anywhere in the kitchen or in the beach. Unlike chess, there is an element of surprise when the magnets jump out of position, without warning. There is a surprise, then laughs, follow as two or more players try to beat force fields with strategic thinking plus careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic stones. The unpredictability of Jishaku turns any get together into a party.


Jishaku, Japanese for magnet, uses finely polished hematite magnets for playing pieces.
There are several variations of the game but the most popular is "i'm out". While alternating turns with your opponents, the goal of the game is to place magnets onto the game base without letting any magnets connect. If any magnets connect on your turn, you must collect those magnets and add them to your pile. The first person to run out of magnets wins, but there is a twist. All magnets have north and south poles. Jishaku magnets do too. They just aren't marked. So as you carefully place your magnet in a hole you can feel the tug of magnets all around the board. Skilled players learn to use magnetic force in their favor repelling the magnets closest to them without forcing them into other magnets. At least that's the goal but the results can be quite surprising. 

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