This children's card game is about gophers collecting their winter food supply.


Each supply card shows one to three apples, carrots or nuts. During their turn, the active player can uncover in sequence up to four cards from the pile. If the same kind of fruit appears one after the other, then all cards uncovered in this turn are lost for the player. Since there are only three fruit sorts, this occurs regularly, so this provides tension both for children and adults.


If a player has more than six of a set, then he loses everything that he collected so far from this set.


If the player has exactly six pieces of a set, the player then receives a gopher trophy in exchange for the set. The first to get his third cup wins the game.

This game is not only pure gambling, but also offers tactical choices so children take part enthusiastically. The minimum age indicated by the manufacturer seems applicable as long as the child can count over six.

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Gopher it!

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