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Stroll around Tan Tan Market’s alleys and acquire the most precious selection of local crafts. Be the first to finish filling the caravan with these picks and you will secure your access to the best choice of treasures while keeping away the little mice ready to nibble away at your riches. Seek the favors of the Princess, merchants and Genie, however, be wary of thieves.


Object of the Game
Collect goods, choose your friends carefully and avoid the mice to become the richest merchant.


How to play
On their turn, players can carry out one of the 2 following actions: Buy cards from the market or Stock the caravan.


When the caravan is full, players must take cards from the caravan. Moving clockwise, each player must take all the cards of only one type found in the caravan, and place these in front of them, face-up, to show off their riches.


End of the Game
When there are no cards left in the pile, the game continues until the next time the caravan is full and the players have collected their cards from the caravan. Players then work out their score in the following way using the score pad:


  • Goods cards are worth as many points as they indicate.
  • The player(s) with the most Princesses adds together all the points their princesses give them (see Princesses above).
  • The player(s) with the most Merchants adds together all the points their merchants give them (see Merchants above).
  • Genie’s Lamp: At the end of the game, these cards are worth the number indicated on their face squared 


The player with the highest score at the end wins.


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