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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Carcassonne board game tournament, scheduled for July and August 2024. We warmly invite you to participate in this exciting event! This tournament promises to be a delightful mix of enjoyment and competition, designed to put your strategic skills to the test alongside fellow Carcassonne enthusiasts.

Hosted at Gameistry, the tournament will feature multiple rounds of gameplay. Participants will be grouped into brackets, with winners from each bracket advancing to subsequent rounds, ultimately leading to the crowning of a final champion. Significant prizes, including prizes worth Rs.30,000, await the victorious players.

To secure your spot, simply purchase the registration digital voucher priced at Rs.399. All registered participants will gain access to this thrilling event and receive an Rs.150 voucher from Gameistry, a Carcassonne cooler worth Rs.110, and a selection of other exciting bonuses that will be communicated to you shortly after registration. Additionally, a survey will be sent to you to gather your preferences regarding the date for participating in the preliminary rounds.

We wish you the best of luck in this exciting Carcassonne tournament!

Carcassonne Championship Registration - 2024


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