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A game where you put your color perception to the test - Can you trust your eyes?


Can you trust your eyes? How much color do you really see? These questions are what drive gameplay in Illusion, with rules that allow for gameplay to start immediately. Who has the right perspective not to be fooled?

Illusion comes with two kinds of cards. First, there’s a large stack of the cards containing the illusions. These have an eccentric series of designs on the front, and on the back, they show the percentage of the design for each color (red, yellow, green, or blue).The other stack of cards shows an arrow with one of the colors.At the start of each round, one of the arrow cards is shown, and play begins clockwise. Each player has one of two choices on their turn: (a) flip a card and put it in the card line, or (b) challenge. Most of the game comes down to flipping cards and putting them in the row. The goal here is to arrange them in ascending order by the designated color.A challenge happens when a player thinks something — and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the card played by the previous player — is out of order. All of the cards are flipped over, and the winner of the challenge takes the arrow card. The winner is the previous player if everything is correct; the winner is the challenger if something is out of order.

Illusion is extraordinarily simple  — yet decidedly tricky. Buy Illusion other great Board Games & Card Games at the best prices in India at Gameistry.


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