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Gameistry has an international ambience with every detail down to the door knob was meticulously thought during the planning process.


Gameistry is the only Board Gaming café in India to provide private gaming cabins to customers. Outside each of the cabins are numbered dominos "1,2,3". Along the walls of the cabins are also translucent stickers of classic symbols related to board games (Circles, lines, squares & more). All the 3 cabins can be interconnected and made into a huge hall throughout foldable doors which connect each other, so big get togethers can be hassle free.


The tables are of top notch quality which are velvet and and even the lip of the table are measured to the height of the dice to ensure dice when rolled aren't knocked off the table. The table contain pull out draws which can be used by customers to place their food while gaming. Card holders are also available all around the table to let players place during the course of the games. 


Coming to the other seating arrangements that we have in the store, the cocoon based setup which can comfortably accommodate up to 4 members, it's one of the coziest corners of Gameistry.

Table 7.jpg


Coming to the party event room which can accommodate up to 16 members; it's one of the largest closed space private areas in the store where customers can peacefully host birthday parties, get togethers, corporate events & much more.


Coming to one of the most unique areas of the outlet. The Gamer wall; with a beautiful wall art of the different characters that people turn into while board gaming. It really is a sight for the eyes and a beautiful spot to capture some memories.

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