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A view of the main Board Game shelf of the Board Game Cafe with Glass Sliding Doors. The Shelves are filled with Board Games. On the left is the reception with hangling lights and the reception desk
Logo of the Brand Gameistry Entertainment


Gameistry Entertainment is Chennai’s 1st and largest board gaming venture. With an international ambience and world class tabletop games; Gameistry is truly one of a kind experience for anyone ranging from families to hobby gamers, who want to spend quality time over engaging games and yummy food. With more than 1000 games at our outlet we have a huge variety of genres to choose from. We also organise board game birthday parties, board game sessions for clubs & weddings and meaningfully interactive employee engagement sessions for companies of all sizes. Also if you would like to buy board games check out our webstore for a whole lot of amazing games across price/age/complexity ranges! 

It's time to Unplug, Unbox and Unwind...

The Board Game called Colt Express set up on the table with all its components out.

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