What are tabletop games ?

A game played on a flat surface (usually a table) which includes board games and card games.

Do you have board games like Chess, Ludo , Snakes and Ladders?

These are ancient Indian board games and are regarded today as worldwide classics. Gameistry’s curated collection boasts of unique international party board games that are quick to understand, exciting to play, develops as well as enhances skill through a fun lighthearted game.

Why should anyone play tabletop games?

Because playing tabletop game adds joy to life, brings unique health and life improving skills. It enhances brain function, creativity and confidence. Learning in a stress-free, adventurous way leaves a person feeling cheerful, compassionate and happy. People grow closer in real world by creating memories together. It is an amazing stress buster which brings laughter  and does not involve staring at a smartphone, tablet or computer screen.

I am new to board games/tabletop games, Can I Play ? How long will I take to understand the gameplay and rules?

Newbies and old-hands will equally enjoy the games curated and offered by Gameistry. Board Buddy can take you through the gameplay and rules in less than 5 mins. Happy Playing !

What about variety ? How many games do you have ?

Play with us every day for a year , we guarantee, you can try one new game every day. Our current tabletop games library boasts of 400+ games. New games are added every month to this collection.

Sweet ! I love this game. Would like to buy a copy, do you sell?

Yes, we do sell. Check our online store - https://www.instamojo.com/gameistry/

Contact us if you do not find what you need !

I would like to organise a game night at my venue. Does Gameistry host private events?

We do host private get-togethers for minimum 10 and maximum number can be discussed.

Two packages are available.

1) Only board games

2) Board Games and food/snacks/decoration / music

Contact us for more details

How do you price your sessions ?

Prices vary as per curated games, indoor/outdoor sessions, number of people (kids/teenagers/adults)

We encourage you to host unique parties and leave the rest to us. There is a package to fit every budget. Contact us for more details.

Do you host corporate events?

Yes, that is one of our fortes. We have hosted multiple corporate events so far and received amazing feedback. Sessions were perfect ice-breakers and delightfully interactive. It encouraged initiative, leadership and team building. It enabled them to take a much-needed break from the daily stressful and digital world. Contact us for more details.

Gameistry is opening 1st and exclusive retail space in Chennai to sit together and enjoy international party board games. What exactly will this space be like?

The concept builds on a classic idea- bring people together and let them play tabletop games from a curated library offering hundreds & hundreds of games at an hourly fee. This will be a unique place to hangout and create memories with friends, family, partners, colleagues and strangers while playing an award winning or highly rated and reviewed international party tabletop game. Make new connections or spend time with loved ones, Gameistry offers the perfect way to spend time in nice company and strengthen bonds with other human-beings