We now live in a world where digital addiction & monotonous routines have resulted in us missing out on the ‘good old’ fun relaxing times that people had decades ago. It is saddening to see that in almost every get-together – personal or official, people are mostly glued to their smartphones leading to very little human interaction. Also, in most cases, the stress-buster activities that people take up tend to either involve a strong digital influence or are quite expensive or are ones that requires some sort of prior skills thus making them unsuitable for most in a group. On the other hand, in countries such as USA, UK and Germany, board games have been a ‘go-to’ channel for relaxation and quality interaction, for many years and for people of all ages – as they are universally appealing and are tons of fun!


We are extremely delighted to share with Chennai, our socially impactful venture of international table top games to help people meaningfully interact and train various skills in a fun way.

We specialise in games that…

Have Simple Rules

Are Quick To Play

Have Very High Replayability

Are Suited Across Age & Skill Levels

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Are Light, Yet Highly Competitive

Encourage Social Interaction

Create Everlasting Memories

Why Board Games?

Because they help in enhancing…

and a whole lot of other skills too!

Why choose Gameistry?

Unique perspective to fun engagement

400 GAMES - Different experience every single time

10 or 100, the entire group is engaged

Join us for ‘adrenaline pumping’ and ‘nerve calming’ games

We develop bespoke gaming sessions for clients

Super gamers team with 50+ years of gaming experience